Copy / Paste Behaviors and Effects

This system could work similar to how the current (object) variable system works (see picture below). If I click on an object, I can navigate to its behaviors / effects, copy one (or multiple), and paste them in another objects list.

Here is the current variable system:

Something like this for behaviors and effects would be handy.

Why add this? Well adding effects and behaviors to many objects can be tedious, and as far as I know, there are no shortcuts. In one example of mine, I have many objects that I created a while a go and need to add effects to them, so I can’t create one object and copy/paste it with its effect.

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Emm, I have a suggestion, in fact, it can put some logic under a collection, you can add it elsewhere as a collection, you can look at the official case, you should be able to find it. Of course, I also hope to have a copy function, this may be able to help you now.

It is to package the event and then give it to other scenes through the external link of the plus sign

That’s not the problem? It has nothing to do with events. Effects are done on objects, and I only need those effects on one scene.

To understand effects, check the wiki: Object effects [GDevelop wiki]