Copy/paste objects from one scene to another

Is there any way to copy/paste an object from one scene to another? The pasted object should retain all the behaviors, animations and instance variables as the original object.

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To have the same object, with all the behaviors and animations, turn the object into global.
But you can’t copy the instances from one scene to another, you’ll have to create the instance in every scene. To save the variables, you should copy the instance variables into global variables, change the scene, and then copy the global variables into the new instance variables :neutral_face:

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Thanks, it helped!

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I am reviving this topic cause I want to know if something changed with this :sweat_smile:

We still can’t copy/paste objects from one scene to another?

EDIT: My mistake, I tested it again and now you can actually copy objects from one scene to another.


You just make sure that you clicked on the three dots