Corrupt GD5 File HEEEELP

GDevelop crashed, in the middle of the saving process.
And carelessly, i oversaved my old progress.

the last save i made with another name was 5 full working day ago :frowning:

Is there a way to restore my data from that corrupted file?

E: somehow gd did not do autosaves from my latest version. my last autosave file is from my first version.
E2: the corrupted file is 0 byte big, fuck no hope i assume :sob:

Yeah, 0 byte means empty, it gone.
Not to make a backup for 5 days is a lot. I create a backup every single day.

i do save like every 10 mins.
But i oversaved my old file for the last 5 days, instead of saving it properly under the current day (as i usualy do)

Yeah I meant making backup not saving.

In Windows try to recover mybe with Recuva or recovering older version of the entire folder, In MMac Timemachine How to Restore Previous Versions of Files in Windows 10


Welp, lesson learned the hard way.
At least the knowlage i obtained during these days is still there.
i probably makeupfor it in less then 3 days, considering the artwork is still there.

And if you will try to recover the erased data as @UlisesFreitas said, stop all the programs right now, don’t move, copy, create files or breathe on the project folder (in fact, try to don’t do anything that can write on the disc), download Recuva and start right now.

JSON files are text-based data formats, not binary files. So, your chances to recover the data aren’t so bad after all (if you don’t touch anything).

I already did alot again :frowning:
When i looked at the backupfiles windows7 does on its on, those are a week old.
I´ll try anyway.

Data recovery programs like Recuva doesn’t work on backups, it literally reads the “deleted” data (files marked as deleted that the system handles as empty space) and brings the files back… sometimes.

the recovery search is at 3mio atm out of 1.9bil. (and i just gave the gdevelop project directory as searchlocation lol)
will not work i assume, since i never deleted anything and last windowsbackup is a week old. but a try wont hurt much

I’m sorry this happened, and I’m not sure how this could happen actually. You mentioned “GDevelop crashed, in the middle of the saving process”. Can you explain what you saw on screen at this moment? Was it just after you pressed “Ctrl+S”? Or did you click save in the menu?

i am working on a very old pc. The Editor started to lag, so i clicked the save botton from the menu (in case of a crash). After that no massage was showing up an no response from GD (Crash).
Crashes Happend from time to time, especially with my big games. This one time was just very unfortunate.

Do you have a HDD or SSD in your PC?
I have a HDD and last time my project got corrupted was when I was copy/paste lots of staff in the editor and one time when I was edit/change lot things quickly, it is caused GD to crash and the project file got corrupted. I suspect it was because of the slow HDD. Wondering if it would be possible to implement a safety check in GD and check if the HDD is busy or not and put processes in to a queue instead of trying to push everything down by brute force.

Though SSD’s got a lot cheaper in recent years so HDD more likely going out of fashion.

i know what a solid state drive is, but never heard HDD before.
I assume this PC doesnt have any of that.
(was checking the hardware control panel as good as my swedish allowes me to, and the system boots up like a snail).

It is the Hard Disk Drive the predecessor of the Solid State Drive:

Many computers from few years ago did ship with HDD and not SSD because SSD was cost too much money, recently many manufacturers switched to a combination where the OS is installed on a small SSD but everything else is stored on HDD. Today computers though ship with SSD only and no HDD any more.

You told you have a “very old” computer that’s why I mentioned it.

ahh, harddrive like in festplatte (german). yes, im sure this pc has one.

Maybe you can use something like git next time. I recently learnt how to use it and now I am using it for my projects. Not sure it is the appropriate tool for that. But, works for me.