[Crash] Text Keyboard input Module

I think there is an error in the libstdc+±6.dll or Compil Games can’t handle this dll in the right way…

this little testprogramm crashes at different workstations…


the libstdcc+±6.dll is 803kb, there exist a diffent version at the net with 860kb, i tried this one out but it crashes the program, too.

any idea? perhaps this is a problem only the coders at compil games itself are able to solve :frowning:

meanwhile i have to use the less comfortable input command box for keyboard input. :cry:

greetings from germany

Hello, when did this example have a bug ? I’m not able to reproduce it. Can you give more informations ?
The software’s name isn’t CompilGames but Game Develop (and the only one developer is 4ian)

EDIT : I’ve compiled your example : I confirm that the object allowing to receive the user entry have a bug. :wink:

you are right, i did not metion it at the last post, sorry for it…,

the program crashes at the compiled exe…

the editor preview within Game Develop works fine, that I really don’t understand… :confused:

the testprogramm now is even shorter… but also crashes … :confused:

I’ve fixed the bug, thanks for pointing it. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for the next version to be release so as to use the Text Entry object in a compiled game. :neutral_face:

Never replace a dll provided by Game Develop by another found on the internet : The dlls can be slightly different, and can thus generate crashs in GD or in games. Please use the original dll provided by Game Develop ( or reinstall Game Develop if you don’t have anymore the original dll ).

Cool down :smiley: I always copy a BackUp of files I overwrite :slight_smile: It was just a little test wether the dll was corrupt or something.

Nice to hear there is a new version in the Pipeline.

From time to time the Programm (and also the compiled exe) crashes at closing the application…, but i can’t reproduce it so I will make a new threat for it if I can find out, what to do to gain this error.

thanks for the great support.