Create a roster of characters with multiple stats

I’ll keep it simple. I’m effectively making Breeding Season (a porn game about breeding monsters) and I need to know how to store potentially hundreds of individual characters with like twenty-five variables defining them in such a way that I can make saves as well. The initial idea was to use the Storage commands with variables in the filename for both the save slot and the monster ID but this has the downside of making it so that monsters are effectively autosaving every time you take a look at them which could slow down the game and would prevent save scumming (and what’s a game with chance events without save scumming?!) Anyway this isn’t urgent, I have another project I’m working on, but this is a gift for my girlfriend so I would like to get to work on it quickly, so any help would be massively helpful.

Many things to swallow here.

How’s your game going?

I’m leaving a comment in case that people give you a solution cause I want to learn how to do this as well