Create object from its name works with anything

The description is a lie, it will create the object no matter if it is in the group or not.
You don’t even need to put a group in the first parameter, just fill it with any object.

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By the way, this Action doesn’t work in Functions.

If you send in parameter a Group, and try to create an object from it, nothing happen because the Group is not sent.

Dunno if I have to create a specific topic for this ?

Thats intended, they don’t want it to work.

Yes you can make a new topic but that’d have to be “Feature request” not “Bug report”

uh ? do you know why ?
This is a big issue/feature missing.
A basic example : creating an Extension for displaying inventories is now impossible bc you can’t create items that way. And many other advanced behaviours are prevented…

An extension can’t create objects by their names because any scene won’t have the same object names.

Create an object from its name does work in functions but you need to use a group that’s created within the function using objects from parameters. Or I guess within a prefab (custom) object.

And where does these objects come from since you define the group inside of the function and not in the Scene ?

With a function, you supply the objects with individual parameters.

in scene

Ok i see, so you have to re-define the already existing group, sending the items from the Sheet to the function.

And you can’t use a group from the Scene i guess ? You have to use individual definitions ?

It seems that way. When you pass a group, I think you’re just passing the object list although they do keep their object names. So, I don’t know.