Create retro mode effect

My project is in 1080p but I wonder if it’s possible and without affecting performance force to low resolution for example 200p just for a special mode. I noticed that the windowed mode works great in any window, no matter if the window is very small, so only would be necessary scale that small window to fullscreen or isn’t it so easy?
I know there is a layer effect for that purpose but I think this would greatly affect to performance.

Try and let us know. :slight_smile:

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You could always change your game resolution much lower, but its not going to change your assets.

You could scale your assets down, but it isn’t going to make them look like they were made for the smaller resolution.

You are much better off using the pixelate layer effect, or otherwise making assets at the smaller resolution then scaling them up.

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Ok, I thought it would be a very simple trick scaling the windowed mode. Anyway I will give a try to the layer effect but I think will be very heavy performance together the rest effects of my project.