Create slopes that connect platforms

Can someone pls help me😫

I want to make a platform game but with slopes.

The slopes should work as follow:

The player should be able to walk past the slope and walk up it by choice.
Player should be able to walk up and down.
Player should be able to jump through the slope from the bottom and stand on it when landing.

Can someone pls guide me on how to go about this…

If tried using custom collision masks, along with the jumptrhu platform behavior. But the problem is that the player can go down but not up. I think the behavior detects the player is not above the platforms Y axis and thus rendering to be able to jump through.

Pls help.

Ps. I basically want to create a pixel fantasy platform game where different platforms are connected with slopes.

Something like this:

Btw I know that the pixel art in that pic is pretty good. (Not my work. Just a screenshot) and it really is a pain in creating every tile. So if anyone knows about a separate program for creating better pixel art than Piskel. Pls let me know!

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Program to pixel art Aseprite is one of the best

for the slope platforms you need to adjust the platformer of you player, then create the floor platforms and add behaviour Platform and to go up/down this must be sprites with the Platfom behaviour and jumpthru selected.

Ty. I will take a look at Aseprite. As for the platforms. I have went with a different method although I would like to know how to go with my intended method.

I did what you said before creating the post but thats not the problem.

I don’t know if is something like this that you want

Check here to better speed Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

That is the method that im using now. My intended method is that there is a slope going up in the middel of a straight platform. So player can run past it or go up

Try (de)activating the behavior of the slope platform when Up key is (not) pressed, perhaps.

Makes sense. Will try that. Do you know of a pixel art program that does bones and joints (meaning that I can create a sprite with bones and joints and then move it around and export each one separately. This wil save me alot of time when doing animations.

Because Piskel isn’t really animation friendly. Frankly, its quite hard to do animations when doing something like 64x64 and up, because redrawing every part that moves is exhausting :tired_face:

You could use blender for making sprites. Then you get bones and joints, and then export pngs in frontview. You can still use other programms to make the sprite parts first.
I know that it has been done in games.

Here’s another sprite editor