Created objects losing health behavior after a lot of them die

I’m making a tower defense game and after a certain number of enemies die either the health behavior or the bullets damage behavior is no longer working like intended and the enemies no longer take damage. Hopefully I am just missing something simple. Any suggestions would be awesome.

Here’s the events for the bullets if that’s the problem.

I tried setting each enemy type to its own death but its the same result as using the group enemies

Can we see the events where the variable enemiesSpawned is ?

Unfortunatly I dont see the problem on the code you sent here…
Do you have some code (other that what you showed) where the damages / health are present ?

I have apply damage on my other two towers projectiles but I’ve tested without using them. I also have 3 different levels for the towers and it stills does it without leveling them up. I have mixed results everytime I run the game so maybe its just Gdevelop?

When does the damages not applies anymore ? Try to find it like that
Look when you don’t deal damages anymore and then check your code
Sorry I can’t help anymore… maybe someone more experimented can…
@MrMen maybe ?

This happens in a normal game with a fifth of the towers and enemies that build was to stress it so i can show the problem. It sometimes happens right away or i make it 18 waves in and then it does it. its not player input either its happened without me touching it for a while.

It seem to come from the “flying” enemy at 0.30sec

Thats just a pathing issue I haven’t gotten around to if your referring to the enemies popping up a little bit. I don’t think it’s caused by a single enemy because of the randomness of when it happens. Every time it happens it seems like a “slipup” or rendering crash happens in the engine, so maybe because of the triggering so fast?

It’s when they try to attack the flying guy who have a big speed that it stop to deal damages as I can see in the video

Probably an issue with Trigger Once. I’ve noticed that too. When a lot of events are happening at once sometimes Trigger Once just basically stops some things from functioning. It’s good for small, steady events, but when you start having a lot of stuff, try to avoid it and find another work around.

That was it! I removed the trigger once conditions and made each enemy dying its own event. I figured it was something that was not meant to be triggered that fast, thanks for the help.