Created Objects save and load

I create a shop
And I create same objects at MouseX by dragging same one object in the shop.
but when I write(save progress) the game and read(load progress),
I can’t see created objects

I wrote object’s X position (Y is always 550)
and read it’s X position again and create.
but it worked only first object.

How can I load created objects …?

Use for each object event

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thanks for your answer.
I used it already but it didn’t work

An example is included in GD called “level-editor”, take a look.
Basically, you need to assign an ID value to each instance and then when you save their position and other properties, use this ID value to store which proporty belongs to which instance.
And then using the For each event as arthuro555 mentioned, you can get the info for each instance using the ID value.


oh thanks!! I will try to do it!