Creating bullet trails

Aight so, i don’t know why this wont work. im trying to add a bullet trail particle effect.

so it is slow fire full auto and when it creates the bullets the first one always has the tail effect but none of the following have it.

Why do you have a trigger once in the repeat for each RedBullet? I suspect that may be your issue and it’s only doing it once, for the first RedBullet.


  1. Create the trail when you create the red bullet.
  2. Or if the bullets already exist on the scene, do it it inside an event with the condition “At the beginning of the scene”.
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Hi look this is how I do

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Hi GDTaco,

You can create two types of bullet, bot of them have the same texture BUT with different names.
When you press the key you create the first bullet one time and then if you keep pressed you create the others bullet.
Well when you create the first bullet you create the command that create the effects.

I hope I helped you

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@GDTaco wants the effect for every bullet.

The “Game Feel” example included in the engine has a really good “Shot trail” setup.
Here are the events, but you’ll want to pull up the example in full to see how everything is set up.

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making them with the bullets helped with a few other things. for some reason though they wont delete with the bullet though. (I tied in the same event and not)

Update: I think maybe i just had the order they were linked in wrong “1 is linked to 2” instead of “2 is linked to 1” why does it matter?

I think it’s because you’re looping through RedBullet, not RedBulletTrail, so you want all the RedBulletTrails linked to the RedBullet. Vice versa makes no sense.

I also suspect it’s to do with the way the link is stored behind the scenes - most likely a dictionary with object ids and type names.

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