Creating different objects

How do I create different objects every 1 second using one or two variables(Not in a random manner)?.

depends on your “manner”
do you want to alternate between 2 objects?

Try a thousand different objects!.

i asked about how.
do you want to create 1000 objects, starting with the first one and then counting up?

yes, exactly that way, in an orderly manner, from one to a thousand.

Begin of scene
add a variable object_created_number =0

Start Scene Timer “MyTimer”
Then check
If MyTimer is greater then 1 sec
object_created_number < 1000
Create object_you_want
object_created_number +=1
Reset MyTimer

then make your 1000 objects, and name them with a number at the end.
aka object1, object2, object 3 etc.
then you put all your objects into a group.

then you use the event "create objects from its name.

this way it creates object1, then object2, then object3, and so on, till your count is 1000.
after it, it starts from 1 again.

But won’t this action create the same object a 1000 times, i need to create 1000 different objects every second.

Thanks Slash let me try that, thankfully i already have them in a group accompanied by numbers at the end. I’ll get back to you!. thank you.

It works just fine, you are a genius…:nerd_face: :nerd_face:

Slash man… you rock.:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: