Creation In GDevelop Error

On a Chromebook when using the web app, whenever you create a project, it requires you to turn off “let players authenticize” and “save in GDevelop” which makes it harder to make a game. Please help!

Not sure I follow or how we can help on the item you’re descirbing, how does it require you to do this?

Do you get an error, if so what error?

Whenever I try to make a new project, I have to disable let players authenticize and the setting to save in GDevelop. If I enable those, it will not let me create the project.

I apologize but I’m still not sure I have a full picture.

What do you mean “it will not let me create the project”?

Does the button grey out? Do you get an error message?

My wifi is perfect and I never used a URL.

Do you have any projects currently on your account? I’m pretty sure there’s a maximum on free accounts of ~10 projects total.

I have an empty free account. No projects. Not yet until I can create some.