Can you add crosscompiling to GD? I know GCC supports making Win32 executables from within Linux, dunno about Clang though, but it may be supported as well. I’m asking because I don’t want to share my game’s code with anybody and still want to make windows version of it (and I am not pirate/don’t have Windows license)

4ian has already try to cross-compile but it doesn’t work.

The source code of events is compiled to a bitcode saved in the final game (in gam.edg).
When the user launches the game, the bitcode is compiled to binary format.
But, the problem is that the bitcode isn’t compatible.

You can try Game Develop on Wine, it works.

EDIT : After some researchs, Clang is known as a very good cross-compiler :
According to these webpages, you just have to set the ABI for the target system and have libraries compiled for the target.

Or just compile events to system-independent bytecode (like java/.net/dalvik compilers do) and then compile to native when game starts. Or just keep events in non-compiled form and compile for os at game’s boot, though it’ll need carrying compiler along with game, but headers and compiler can’t be THAT big (at least relevant headers as I saw headers packs which have >500MB in total, like clang-devel package in my distro).

The bytecode is the LLVM bytecode and is already system-independant, but it’s due to the library linked to the executable.

It will take a time (a long time for a medium game) to compile and Clang is already the fastest compiler ever.

How can you distribute a small game which weights 500 MB on Windows ?