Crouch and Falling Issue

Hi everyone! I’ve recently started making a video game myself, and I’ve hit a problem.

The truth is, I know what the problem is, I just have no idea how to resolve it.

When you press crouch (c) it plays 1 frame of crouch (3) and then skips to falling.

Any suggestions to help me fix this issue, I’d appreciate it greatly!

Here is the events…

Not sure I completely understand what you mean by this
“When you press crouch © it plays 1 frame of crouch (3) and then skips to falling”

You could try putting on the falling event a condition

C key is not pressed

I guess the issue is from the condition when player is not moving change animation to 0 nested under the condition player is on floor, so if you are crouched and not moving it will change the animation… but that would change it to an idle animation i think?

As Gorgoruga said, the answer I think the answer is in the c key not pressed condition, maybe with AND?

Or, if you don’t need to crouch in the air, you can try nesting your crouch conditions underneath the “player is on the floor conditions”

Sorry I haven’t explained well. 3 is falling, 4 is crouch. I’ve tried the c Key is NOT pressed under the falling condition but to no avail. I think you’re right though as there’s some conflict going on with the falling as when c is held it shows the crouch animation but with a constant falling movement.

If I can give you an advice, a good pratic would be to write on paper the conditions you want to execute or better, write the conditions in a table of decision. Thus, all will be more clear in your head and above all, you will be able to simplify the conditions if needed.