Crowdsourced translation of GD using service like Crowdin?


  • You don’t need to install translation software (POEdit, etc.)
  • You don’t need to download translation files
  • You don’t need to translate the whole thing, unless there are no other users of GD that speaks your language


  • Such service may cost a bit.

What a coincidence! I’ve just set up a project for GDevelop here a few hours ago:
I’m now waiting for the Crowdin team to mark the project as open source and it will be free for us! :slight_smile:

I’ve been testing it, it seems to work properly, I’ve uploaded the file containing the list of strings to translate and the french translation, and I’m then able to download the updated translations.

I’ll just have to upload the other translations (Spanish and Russian), update the wiki and add a link “Help to translate GD” on the start page of GD. :slight_smile:

Nice x-mas gift! Also I think I have (unfinished) Polish translation of Game Develop (yes, Game Develop as it was started by my friend and didn’t touched since) laying around, so when I find it, I’ll send you files via PM. It isn’t finished enough to use it, but will be good point of start towards Polish GD.