Cursor on object condition disappear

hello all,
I’m usin the beta98 release but I have a problem: when I search Curson on object I can’t find it.
If I copy it from another project it work but it isn’t present in condatin list.
On line:
On PC:


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You have selected the “non-object and other conditions” tab in the event editor.

Cursor is on object is an objet related event, so you will need to select the obect tab in the event editor and select an object first.

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OK, you are right. It is present.

It could be comfortable to find it using search conditions

That is available, you just have to disable the new event editor. Just click File > Preferences, and disable “Use the new action/condition editor”.

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Thanks a lot !!!
(and bla bla bla to 20 characters)

If you search “begin” in object you can find it, and “beigin of the scene” and isn’t a objcet.
In my opiin it could be usefull that the search works in all conditios.