Cursor touch...

I am using Ball sprite…i want whenever the cursor is touching Ball & Left button pressed then do something
You know the sprites has animation which is put in square…my Ball sprite is circle and nothing around it its transparent but no matter that whenever the cursor is on the edge of the square which is around the ball it again detects it like its touching it…when its actually not touching the colored part even if the transparent it touched by the cursor it says its touching the whole sprite…how to make it if the cursor touches ONLY the clored part or whatever you call it then to do the action…

here is an example:

the red part is the transparent you should see the mouse…this i want t do it if the mouse touch the purple parts then do the action not when its around the Ball

P.S. Ive already tried to change the hitbox of the sprite

If you gave it a circular collision mask then you might still be checking for the wrong collision. There is a separate collision condition that does not check for pixel perfect collision and only looks at col-masks instead.