Custom google font

Hello, I’m currently uploading a Gdevelop game online, and I’ve been having some trouble trying to setup a custom font for the game with google fonts, In my index.html file I use @font-face{ font-family : "gdjs_font_Montserrat-Regular.otf"; src : url('Montserrat-Regular.otf') format('truetype'); } for setting up my font that is saved in my game folder, and I’ve tried to load a font from google but it doesn’t work, what can I do to solve this issue?

Do you want a font for text objects inside your game or a font for the text of the web page hosting your game? Just making sure…

I’ve never tried it, but…
Assuming you want to load fonts inside your game, are you using Text or BBText object? The BBText might work due to similiar font-loading structure to webpages.
GDevelop is assumedly a canvas element, and from this answer on loading fonts on canvas: javascript - Unable to use a Google font on Canvas - Stack Overflow
You can try changing the font-name a few seconds after the game has loaded, if it’s possible.