Custom Mouse?

How can I create a custom mouse? I am thinking I need to use the hide mouse function, create an object, and then somehow position it to follow the mouse? How would I achieve the last part? or is there a simpler way? :slight_smile: I get the MouseX("",0) for X and Y position but how do I get it to follow the mouse movement?

You get it :smiley: , create a sprite with the cursor image and put the Origin point at the cursor โ€œtipโ€/hotspot, so your cursor hotspot will be exactly over the OS one. Finally, just do:

Conditions: No conditions (always) Actions: Do = MouseX(); MouseY() to the position of CursorSprite
Of course, as you say, you have to hide the real cursor, at the beginning of the scene for example, if the game is for web/browser maybe youโ€™ll have to hide it always because the cursor can be automatically shown after leave the game window and return :wink:

Easy! Thanks :*