Custom thumbnails in "existing projects" list

It would be nice if this area could show a thumbnail from your game file. Either a custom image you create, or maybe it could show the icon? In the “Icons and Thumbnail” settings there is an option for a thumbnail for thumbnail in the 16:9 ratio…could use that. Could list the game name, version number, and last revision date in text below the thumbnail.


Im all in for your idea
I just wonder how small that images would be down scaled for this list
Or would we end up with fewer entries on the list with larger images which still be small

I guess I was envisioning it looking just like the “recommended templates” thumbnails from the section above. Something like:

Or, if you wanted to keep the list view, there could be toggle icons that allow the user to choose:

Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 4.24.29 PM


I think you forgot to add why you need this feature.
I have a personal hypothesis, but could you please clarify?

I just thought it would be an easier/quicker way to identify which file you wanted to open and work on. And it’s a bit more visually appealing than a list of file paths. :slight_smile: Just a more polished look.