Damage with Timer

I have a player and 2 rats.
There is a instance timer that gets unpaused when the rats are in collision with the player.
After 1 second each rat is supposed to do 1 damage to the player, but only 1 damage is done in total. I have tried for each object but that doesn’t make a difference.

pls help.

And also, How do I get the rats to do damage even when there is only one rat in collision with the player, even if there is more than one rat? Because currently they only do damage when all rats are in collision with the player at the same time.

Not sure, but I think you have to declare the time “Rat _Damage” before unpause it. Or not?

You need to use an instance timer, not a scene timer.
It’ll look like this:

That way, each rat has its own timer.

Oh wow, I didn’t even know that existed. :man_facepalming: Ty so much!

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