Data collecting

Hello there!

How to collect data from players’ game choices and display it in the game?

There are two aspects that I am thinking of:

  • storing the data (in some database, and perhaps making it possible to download a csv file of the data for further advanced anylytics in a different program)
  • displaying the collected data to the players (in a form of for example a pie chart or a bar chart) and having the charts updated as people keep playing the game and add their results to the data

I am working on a game where a player is going through some situations. In each situation they have to pick an option and after that they will be shown a chart with info of how many people (in percentage) chose each option. The purpose is so that the player can compare their choice to the percentages of different choices made by other players. Additionally this data would be useful for further advanced analytics.

In the game there would also be a survey before the start of the gameplay asking how good do they think they are at picking the options. And a survey at the end asking, how much they think they improved on picking options. Is there a way to also store the survey data in some database?