(De)activating behaviors based on distance from two objects

Hello. I’m trying to use the physics 2 engine behavior to implement a rope swing found here within my platformer.

I would like to deactivate the physics 2 engine behavior right before the player becomes in contact with the floor, however my implementation doesn’t seem to work and the player just phases through the floor.

I don’t want to recreate my game solely using the physics engine as I’m in a bit of a time crunch but if there isn’t a workaround I suppose I can.

You can set it so the player moves away for the platform by using the seperate objects action you should no longer fall through the ground

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What is background9? You might need to compare Y() to Y() or use the boundingBox bottom to top values instead of distance unless the X() (Center point) values were the same. It’s distance between points not really objects.

You could also use point is inside or a ray cast pointing downwards.

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