Death animation

I have my death animation set to play when my enemy dies my once I kill him it doesn’t play

The problem is that you are deleting the enemy object before it can play the animation.
Instead of setting the animation and deleting enemy1, use the “Play animation” action on the enemy1 object, and “Set variable ‘dead’ on enemy1 to 1” action.
Then in a seperate condition use the “Is variable ‘dead’ of enemy1 = 1” and “Is animation done playing on enemy1” conditions to determine that the object is dead and done animating, and the action to that condition should be to delete the enemy1 object.

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Try this set an object variable for the enemy so

if enemy1 is in collision with bronklitess
do set enemy animation to die
do set enemy1 variable obj_var_die = 1

In other event check
if enemy1 playng animation = die
emeny1 animation finish
enemy1 variable obj_var_die = 1
Do delete enemy1

This way you can include all that event in a foreach to check on every enemy1 instances in your game

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Hello. Could you solve this problem?