Debugger, Can i see name .

Welcome everyone i got question…i make my game, work fine but have a problem too.
I have intro…then go to…menu where i try make Loggin"you wright your name and sure name" and i hardly try to see in debugger if i type my name on my virtual keyboard or normal pc keyboard…the name in global variables "name "is not ther question why…if any of you…users of gdevelop can say why??? allways have i debugger NAME: “0”.
If i try set up a number it is okey …i set globalVariables to 0 if i type text hit enter it’s change to 1…1001…o what i wright…but if i try set text to globalVariable its just do nothing…i try everything mashup everything but allways have “0”
do anyone have example of globalVariable textentry…?? please help

I wonna do something like this…
Scene pop up > tipe text …a Name Sure Name hit enter …name is stored in global variables Name > game start> collect scores point> at the end of game i can send Name of Name sure Name with Score to server when i can see ho have best score…
Score is working because in debugger i can se it is change with every coine but dont have Name, sure Name from menu just “0”

Maybe you’re using the actions/conditions for global variable numbers instead the specific ones for text? :slight_smile:

Hi again … you mean use store>save as file> and then use load a store text ?? i know i miss something but don’t see my mistake…i am sure i do something not right…
in picture i try do something…i have in name numbers this is no problem i se it in debugger…but i don’t see name i type im my menu…try to save file to using storage> wright text and i se file in debugger file in the grupe i made “” filename" but in other scene with game where game play i can’t load this name even it is a global… any ideas??? i do something wrong…

Not sure what you are trying to do here.
You want to use TextEntry.String() to get the text from memory where TextEntry is the name of the text entry object so if you are calling the object “Input” the expression to get text from memory is Input.String() and if you want to convert a number variable to string you need to use ToString(Variable(variable_name)) where the variable “variable_name” is a NUMBER variable.
But the text entry object hold a string value even if a number is entered it is stored as string so don’t need to convert anything there.

It seems to me you are mixing string and number values and variables, you can not implicitly convert values in GD. There are expressions to convert values like ToString() but you are doing it wrong if that’s what you are trying to do.

You might want to read this part of the doc about variables: … /variables

And this part about expressions … xpressions

Picture will show with i fighting… i do not understand reading information about variables not in 100% i just don’t see simple solution heh :blush:
Name is type in scene 1 menu and then go to scena 2 game…so it must bee in global variable to not loose it…right?

At the beginning you set the value to 0 so doesn’t matter what you do in the previous, you override it in the next

Global variables are globally shared, you use the same variable for all scenes. If you change it in one, it changes everywhere

And this is not how you read the name from memory if that is what you trying to do here (I’m not sure what is that you are trying to do here):

You need to use the expression TextEntry.String() to get the text entered by the user in to name.

And previously you just did = 0 to the name.
If name is meant to be a text to store what the user entered, it need to be a text variable not a number. So you need to do

Do = "0" to text of Global variable name

If it doesn’t solve your problem, not sure what the problem is :frowning:

Regarding the server side staff, if you search the forum, you can find some of my posts were trying to help people set up communication with a server but it never really helped anyone could not explain it well so I rather not even try to help with PHP here. Learn some PHP before trying…

thank you for answer… multiple mistake i made…and i know… :slight_smile: ok i will try to do what you tell me…witch php and mysql i have made a loggin and a table with all date from link. I will see if this will work at the end…i will send replay if i win this fight “variable fight” :unamused:…(old message)

(New message)
THX again it’s leed me too just simply this