Delay in playing Sound on Mobile Device

I am loving this program and have developed a level with touch screen controls. When I launch the game in a mobile browser namely chrome. I get a lengthy delay of about 10 seconds before the music or any sound effects begin. I am looking for a solution or even a work around such as a brief loading message to mask the issue. Has anyone else had that problem? On a regular computer with browser the sound loads with in a second or two.

Did you try to add the music file as a resource? Not sure if that can help on mobile devices, just open the image manager, open the “add an image” dialog and switch the file type to *all so you can select the sound file(s). This way GD could load the file in the loading screen along with the images :slight_smile:

I tried that. Unfortunately there is still a delay on the mobile browser.

Here are a couple of links to project files if anyone wants to take a look at them. … zMyaFY5MWM … GFoNERwOG8