Delete sprite with an instance variable on collision

Sorry Guys,

I have watched video> GDevelop 7 - instance variables (more moving platforms) and searched the web but I’m struggling (sorry).

I have multiple walls, all copied from same sprite and on 1 instance, I have an instance variable. I want the player to collide with this secret wall and it deletes.


I have tried > Player is in collsion with walls.variable(secret) but it didn’t work


I can achieve this in construct (trying desperately to move into GDEVELOP version 5.1.151)

Can someone please help.


Right now you are not doing the same thing as you did in construct.

You should instead try matching them first. (Add an “A” variable to the wall in question, set it to 1, then set up your condition to check for that)

Your current variable check doesn’t make any sense to me, so I can’t give guidance there.


Thanks @Silver-Streak

Although your events still don’t match what you were doing in construct, I’m glad it is working for you.