Demo for Platformer Shooter Like My Friend Pedro

Yes, it’s clear now, nice one.

Just to explain how bad I am at shooting in different directions, I never got as far as the tutorial where it says about B for slow time. I’m assuming that’s in the tute. So I’m unable to give feedback for anything after the shoot tutorial. I did go and manually select Level 2 but yeah, no chance of getting anywhere in that, just a lot of squeals, haha and zero chance of pressing the right keys quickly enough.

Don’t know if this is specific to the liluo build, but it was a disconcertingly large screen this time. I think the previous version in newgrounds was a little too small but for me, much better than this bigger version. That’s only my feel though.

Here is some feedback for the graphics options page for full screen. You have this:
Full screen :ballot_box_with_check:
To make it full screen I had to select the word ‘full screen’.
To make it not full screen I had to select the box.
Is this intentional? I think it would be better if it was consistent which one gets selected, otherwise the user will think it’s not working.

The large screen issue should only be happening in the game build. Also with the full screen checkbox you shouldn’t be able to click the text full screen, but I’ll look into it.

Hi @Bubble, I just released a new update. Could you tell me if there is anything else I should add and if there is any bugs.

I used the liluo version. You’re getting there, still some things that aren’t right. And once again, I was unable to get past the level where there were three enemies.

On the graphics settings page
Show the background displaying and not displaying when switching it on and off because the way it is now, we get no immediate feedback when changing that setting.

There’s still a problem with the full screen setting. To make it full screen I have to click on the halo around the checkbox, not the checkbox itself. And sometimes the halo doesn’t appear when I hover especially if the cursor is coming in from above or below. And it’s slow to appear when coming in from the right.

Shadow effect setting only seems to apply to the text in that option screen so is it necessary? The text on the other pages including the game play didn’t seem to change from setting it either way.

Options and Input options pages
Make sure the cursor is at the front of the z order, it goes behind some text

Main menu, what is the quit game button for?


Hi Bubble thanks for the response, but if possible could you show me what you mean by the full screen problem and also could you show me the shadow effect problem as this doesn’t seem to happen for me. Also in response to your question "what is the quit game button for? " It is for the desktop version, but I might make it not visible for the web version.

The other problems I should be able to fix.

I was wrong about the shadow effect, I didn’t notice the difference before.

Here’s what I mean about the fullscreen.
The first pic shows cursor on checkbox, it doesn’t work, nothing happens when I click.
The second pic shows cursor on halo, it does work.

Hmm I might just change the checkbox into a slider as I don’t think that’s glitchy, or is it?

I see now that I have been commenting on the wrong version of your game. I’ve been viewing your most recently posted link which I see now is a liluo instant game build. So I’ve just had a look at your hutcle liluo link from earlier in this thread and see that the full screen option is the toggle switches to match the other settings and seems to work properly. So the different versions thing has probably caused some confusion for both of us.

I’ll have a better look later at the proper version. Don’t know if it has any recent changes after the last feedback, but it also/still has the z order problem of the cursor on the input options page.

Oh that’s annoying. I’ll look into to the z order problem

My only feedback now apart from the z order cursor in the input page is for the background switch. The actual background is a grid but on the options page it shows the game background with no grid for background on and plain screen for background off. It’s the grid that is different so it will makes sense to show that changing in the graphics options.

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