Detect if object is destroyed

Hello, I’m a bit of a noob… who comes from Construct 2 engine. I’m struggling to adapt and I hope you can help me.
I have a DestroyOutside behaviour on a sprite. So if the sprite goes outside of the screen - destroy. But what I’m trying to do is… in a condition… detect if sprite is destroyed - then … do something like - respawn.

This was very easy in Construct but my mind is jelly with GDevelop 5.

can anyone please help.

This advice is nonsense. An object variable does literally nothing when used as described, and doesn’t elaborate on how to check if an object is offscreen.

Please disregard what zutty said.

To check if an object is out of the screen, download the “Is on screen” extension, add the Is on screen behavior to your object, and use the condition that the behavior adds to the object in your events.

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I’m sorry, but I used that and it works for me.

Thanks Guys for your help. Is on screen” extension works for me. thanks @arthuro555 and thank you @zutty for a quick response.