Determine if "Preview" loaded from an External Layout

Using the preview button from GDevelop while editing an External Layout will load all of the objects from that external layout and the scene it’s associated with.
However, my scene logic doesn’t know which external layout was loaded… I want a way to programmatically determine the name of the external layout that was loaded when clicking “Preview”

Anyone know how to determine this?

I use global variable to store the name of the external layout, and use the global variable when loading the external scene rather than a string name. It means I can do the scene loading at one point in the events/script.

I did the same thing in my game TripleJump, and also added an object with an instance variable that matched the external layout name… but in this case I wanted the scene logic to be aware of the external layout that was “preloaded” by the preview button without having to add specific data on the external layout.
Maybe this just isn’t exposed currently and needs to be a feature request.