[Developers] My scripts for build and start GD in dev env


We are just few user coding for GD, and maybe less on W10, but i share with you my scripts in batch for start GD (webapp & electron), and build gdevelop.js (LibGD.js).

My GDevelop repo is in C:\, You may need adapt this path with yours.

First script do :

  • Npm install
  • import gdjs
  • install electron
  • start GD
  • Build GD



REM This file need node and yarn
REM Change only the path below
set GDLOCATION=C:\GDevelop

REM don't touch below this line
set newIDE_app=%GDLOCATION%\newIDE\app
set newIDE_app_scripts=%GDLOCATION%\newIDE\app\scripts
set newIDE_electron_app=%GDLOCATION%\newIDE\electron-app

rem CLS
ECHO =================================================
ECHO 1. Npm install
ECHO 2. Import GDJS
ECHO 3. Install Electron
ECHO 4. Start-GD (Web and Electron)
ECHO 5. Build
ECHO 6. Quit
ECHO =================================================

set /p op= Choice : 
if "%op%"=="1" goto Install
if "%op%"=="2" goto Import-GDJS
if "%op%"=="3" goto Install-electron
if "%op%"=="4" goto Start-GD
if "%op%"=="5" goto Build
if "%op%"=="6" goto End
if "%op%"=="0" goto End


cd %newIDE_app%
call npm install
GOTO Start

cd %newIDE_app%
cd public
del libGD.js /f /q
cd %newIDE_app_scripts%
call node import-GDJS-Runtime.js
GOTO Start

cd %newIDE_electron_app%
yarn install
GOTO Start

cd %newIDE_app%
cd public
REM del libGD.js /f /q
cd %newIDE_app%
start /min cmd.exe /c "npm start"

cd %newIDE_electron_app%
start /min cmd.exe /c "node node_modules\electron\cli.js app"
GOTO Start

cd %newIDE_electron_app%
call yarn build --win --linux
GOTO Start


Second script build gdevelop.js (LibGD.js):

@echo off
cd C:\emsdk

REM search in env variable if emsdk exist
echo.%PATH%|findstr /C:"emsdk" >nul 2>&1
if not errorlevel 1 (
    echo emsdk Found
    start /B emsdk_env.bat

) else (
    echo emsdk Not found
    start /B emsdk activate sdk-1.37.37-64bit
    ping -n 2 localhost >nul
start /B emsdk activate sdk-1.37.37-64bit
start /B emsdk_env.bat
cd C:\GDevelop\GDevelop.js
npm run build

Note that in if i’m not mistaken, node import-GDJS-Runtime is done when you run npm start :slight_smile:

(Unrelated note I wonder if we should have again a section dedicated to developers on the forum? Or would that make things more confusing with GitHub?)

  • Yes your right, i need rewrite some lines of my scripts and merge both :slight_smile:

  • If we open a new section here you will have to check here too :stuck_out_tongue:
    Centralize all dev aspect on Github is fine.

Yep let’s keep using GitHub for development related stuff!