Developing for multilingualism

I’m trying to plan properly for multilingualism on my future game. I’m assuming that the best way to approach this would be to create a different scene for each language. So the welcome screen would probably have a menu with:

What is your preferred language?
-English (goes to English scene)
-French (goes to French scene)
-Spanish (goes to Spanish scene)

This way I’m keeping the events that access language specific objects and variables to separate scenes so there is no confusion. I also feel it would be effective as I would simply copy and paste events and change the language identifier on objects and variables with a simple find and replace (e.g. replace “en” with “fr”, or replace “fr” with “sp”). I’m new here so I’m not even sure I can do such a thing, so I may be oversimplifying.

Does this make sense though? Is it efficient to use a different scene per language? Effective? Is there a better way to do this? I just want to be sure I’m using best practices.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.

I want to have my ingame Races speak in ther own language, and depending, if the player is the same race or understands the different languages, he gets the text in english, german, swedish, arab or whatever.
So i was thinking of having each Textbox in native and english, and depending on variables showing the according text boxes. This seems alot less recouce consuming.

I have shared an example here ( at the bottom of the list:

Maybe it is a bit complex but once you implement it I think very convenient way of switching languages.