Device orientation

Is there any way to change the device orientation directly by the user?
I want to make a game playable from both portrait and landscape mode.

Hi daron12, do you mean that you would like to change the layout if the user rotates their device?
If so, then this is what I did:

And then later on I have some events that change the resolution, camera settings and move some things around for whether it’s portrait or landscape. I’ve only tested in preview mode, but it works on a computer if I resize the window and also for a device if I rotate it.


Thank you for your help! Really helped me! Also i needed to to start with “Platformer default” orientation.

Very good, glad to help.

Yes? Like start with landscape orientation? Not sure if you’re asking a question, but if so, can you explain a bit more?

It is not a question. I m saying that, to orientation to work, from game properties we need to select “Platform default”. Sorry for confusion.

Ohhhhh, haha, I didn’t think about that setting. I was thinking of a platformer game rather than the device platform default. Thank you for explaining.