Dialogue Tree "Confirm Selected Option" Event stopped working

For some reason, the “Confirm Selected Option” Dialogue Tree event stopped working for me. It stopped working after I got my own custom Dialogue list working (I didn’t like the built-in options). I can select the option and have the box appear on the selected option (as intended), but pressing enter to select the option doesn’t work.

These are my events.

Sometimes, it’s just an extra line at the end of your options, or stuff like that.
Try checking the value of your variables in real-time, to make sure everything is working as intended.

I have done that, everything is working correctly except confirming the dialogue option.

You may open the dialogue tree example and confirm that the “Confirm Selected Option” Dialogue Tree event works for you. :man_shrugging:
Then you can compare that project and yours and spot the differences.

Well, we use different methods on a couple things, but as far as I can tell our usage of “Confirm Selected Option” appears the same, yet it works in the example but not in mine.

This is a screenshot of what it stops at in the preview.

The number on the right represents the selected option.

That’s why I suggested that maybe you have an extra blank line somewhere, or something like that, in your dialogue file.

This is what my dialogue file looks like. As far as I can tell, it’s the same as the example.

This looks okay, although I’d try removing that TM special character.
What about the branches?

As far as I can tell, the special character works fine. Here’s the view of all the dialogue branches.

As you can see, there’s barely anything for the two branches.

Okay, I had my third dialogue option show the current branch and it never moves from the Start branch. I was also able to confirm that my condition for confirming the selected option also works, so the command to Confirm Selected Option should be getting triggered. I can see in YARN that the branches are connected, the number confirms that both options are being recognized, and yet when you put it all together, nothing happens.

Empty lines don’t show on this general view, you’ll have to open them to check.

I didn’t understand. If the current branch is the Start branch, where else should it lead?

Also, update GDevelop if you haven’t done so.

There are no empty lines. When I select an option, it should go to yesBranch or noBranch. Finally, I always keep Gdevelop updated.

If anyone sees this, I still need help with this issue. It’s been months and the dialogue is still broken.

Can you share (updated and full) events screenshot?

Sorry for the long wait. I moved most of my events over to a separate events sheet. Here’s the relevant events in that new sheet.

Here are the scene events.

It also seems that somewhere in my tinkering, I broke it more. Here’s what it does now.

Open the debugger and make sure the dialog options objects exist in the scene and are visible.
Temporarily disable the hide events (right-click on the block/Toggle disabled)and set a default visible text to the option objects to see if/when the dialog options text is applied. Then enable the hide events one by one to find which one hides the objects, if that was part of the issue.

I figured out why the text boxes weren’t appearing. At some point I must have accidentally deleted some lines that showed them when the line type was options. I’ve added them back and they show up now. I still can’t select the options though.

I used some debug text to confirm that the error seems to occur when I hit enter to select the option. There may be a problem in my YARN file.

Here’s a screenshot.

What do you mean by error? Do the options hide after pressing Return, does the dialog hide?
Add a second line of text to your branches and try again.
And remember to share updated events when you change them.