Dialogue tree | need help with <<commands>> and/or tags to manipulate text changes

Hi all,

I’m stuck on trying to get the name of the player to appear instead of a certain text on a dialog.

I’m trying to make something like this:
Hi friend, what’s your name?
^^input name^^
-“the input appears and the player types the name, then it goes directly to the next dialogue”
So, ^^playername^^ what are you doing now ?
[[ nothing]]
[[ trying to find any help on gdevelop forum’s]]

How to set the ^^playername^^ with the player name from a variable?

Thank you all.

I’d try to offer some guidance, but am still experimenting with this feature and learning how to use it myself. I’m finding it a bit more complicated than expected. Just wanted to reply so you don’t feel ignored; I think it’s a matter of someone more knowledgeable seeing your post. At the moment, most of us are in the same boat.