Did Variables Break?

So, is it just me? …or did variable functionality just take a crap since the last big update? I can’t do a damn thing with them anymore! I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if I’m just dumb or what… For example:

I’m trying to access scene variables for my “MakeItRain” parameters so I can tween the values.

…but scene vars are limiting me to number of chitlins, while Obj vars let me access structures, but I can’t use the obj vars here because the obj’s are constantly being destroyed and recreated (by the “MakeItRain” extension). Why can’t I access a regular int scene var???

And this isn’t the only case. I have run into a dozen situations where I simply can’t move forward because now variable just don’t work, or don’t exist or don’t function anymore…

Am I missing something? is anyone else experiencing similar issues? HEEEEEEEEELLLLLP!!! lolol

Instead of using the expression you just type your scene variable directly into the box. Because they are all declared now so you no longer have to dig around to find scene/global/object text/number etc. So you can just write LevelGrid.Rows * LevelGrid.Columns or Rows * Columns or whatever your variables are named.

Whaaaaaaaaat?! Game changer! (pun intended) Thank You!

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