Different Parallax background for each "room" in one scene

I am using the RoomBasedCameraMovement extension to do a typical Vania camera and it works a treat, but any Parallax solution I’ve tried has the background jumping around and I can’t get my head around having what would essentially be a different background for each room.

Haven’t included event screenshot because they work fine for what they’re doing, It’s me that’s the problem. :sweat_smile:

My thoughts on potential fixes:

  • Have a centre hidden object for each room and when player is in the room somehow reference player’s X&Y against that object and move the background camera accordingly. (I’m not sure how to do the math on this one)

  • Have an event that affects the camera when player is colliding with each room object and change the frame/animation of the background parallax layer accordingly.
    This can kind of work but the transition between rooms is not great - could change the map layout to accommodate.

  • Have each room’s background on a seperate layer and transition between/activate them when entering each room. (I just thought of this one while typing this out and haven’t tested it yet)

I’m hoping there’s a simple solution that I’ve just overlooked.