Different ways to add a point in the collision mask

It would be nice if there were other ways to add a point to a collision mask, instead of clicking on the + sign and then dragging it (or typing in coordinates) where you want it to go. Some possibilities:

A “pen tool” feature like you see in photo editing software such as Photoshop. Just click where you want the points, then once you click on the original point it closes the shape.

You could also right click in the collision mask editor and have an option to choose “create point here”.

Also, you can currently drag the points around in the list. It would be nice if you could right click and choose “add point above/below” and then a new point is created on the existing mask between those two points that you can then manipulate.

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I second the motion. They could put an extra button that turns on “add point” mode, and allows you to just click points, without having to hit the ‘add vertex’ button every time.