Disable double click on object beneath other

I am making a desktop app in gdevelop!! i have two objects ,one over the other
like i have simple tag , when click it shows object which is hidden during beginning , now when i again click it it shows second animation which is rotating to back side!!!

the problem is they need to be one over the other , when they are on over the other ,and i click tag it jumps to second animation of rotating skipping first animation …

but when i drag is to side of screen so that they are not converging over at any point , it plays fine

i tried variables but its not working ,see my events

Tag1 and taganimation1 are two different objects ,i tired creating new objects even but still not working ,Is it a bug???

Not sure if this’ll work but might be worth a try if you create a new event…

Condition: The variable Tag1=1
Condition: The animation has finished playing
Action: Change the scene variable Tag1=2

Then use condition Tag1=2 in the TagAnimation click event (instead of using Tag1=1)

thanks for the help but it doesnt worked , same skipping aniamtion

In the same event did you try doing instead…

Set animation of Taganimation to “animation name”
Change scene variable Tag1 = 2

(so you are retriggering the animation that you want to play at that point)

Thanks a lot again but still aniamtion skipping

Ok instead of doing condition
The animation of TagAnimation1 is finished

Change that to
Left Mouse is released

Also try adding the action
Action: Play the animation

If that doesn’t work, also consider the option of adding a condition somewhere
Condition: TagAnimation is visible (or not visible)

WoW mouse released worked!!!

also this seems to work now

Ahh ok… yeah I have some similar issues with animations sometimes lol…
Glad it works now :sunglasses::+1:

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here is another solution ,