Do I need to purchase assets I already purchased from another site?

For example, I have some game packs I purchased from, and now I’m seeing they’re available in the gdevelop store. Is there any way to unlock these without paying for them twice, or am I stuck between uploading all the animations myself or buying the assets again?

Thanks for any advice

Unfortunately, no. Just as stuff available from both and the unity asset store are separate purchases even if they are the same content, the same is true here.

Yes. Those would be the options.

Yep, any Assets bought for Unity wouldn’t work in GDevelop, they’re both completely different Engines.

This is not true, you could use, for instance, a tileset bought at the unity store without problems in Gdevelop - if the licence permits it. The topic is also not about different engines, Silver just gave an example. It is about the same assets offered at itch and the Gdevelop asset store - obviously you can use the game pack in question in Gdevelop as well as in other engines or frameworks.

Drona is correct.

From a license standpoint: Many assets on the unity store have licenses that allow for reuse outside of the Unity engine, but even then you will still need to manually add it to the other engine project. It’s up to you to review the licensing before purchasing/using it.

From 2D Art assets should (mostly) be universally functional in any engine, as will music assets. Code assets/engine extensions will be engine specific.

In all situations that I’m aware of, however, there is no store that has a “Buy here and get access to this asset in all other stores it’s hosted in”.

Some asset sellers will give you codes to access them for free on other platforms when you buy it on one, you can try to contact the creator of the assets, show your receipt, and ask whether they can give you a code.

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To be fair, almost nobody reads the terms and conditions on anything, that’s why companies get away with a lot of stuff they shouldn’t.

Maybe, but I’m unclear how that is relevant to this thread?

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