Does anyone know how to make rising lava in Gdevelop?

Help please. I am failing my class, I need it now. I would really appreciate if it is screenshot code and stuff. You can also explain if you want. Please.
Here is how it goes: The player is jumping on platforms that are above him. He is running and jumping upwards and trying to make it to ground. The lava stops rising when it is right above the surface. The player is not flying at all. No, I have nothing written or designed, but think of a block that looks like lava slowly rising up.

If you want help, you need to be more specific.
How is the player moving? Is it a platform or top down? Is the player flying?
Do you have anything written or designed?
Post a screenshot of your events or your scene.
I doubt anyone is going to write it for you. We’re here to help.

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edited it. It should probably be more specific now for you.

You will need a collision trigger for a block that represents your lava.

You will need an event that states when the player is (Whatever distance you want) make the lava block move up to it’s new location. I would apply the grid to your project while you are working it and just utilize the Y coordinates.


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