Does anyone know of any good tutorial we newbiesss can follow along with?

Are there any updated tutorials ?

Ppl say this one was missing info and beginners cant follow along with this one

on this part on video it shows a ‘add’ button that is in black/dark grey

but in app, it says ‘add a sprite’ in purple

after you click ‘add a sprite’, it opens window explore that says ‘choose a file’ but there is nothing in there

it doesnt open up what the video says it opens up

are there any updated tutorials / links instead of this one/

the video says nothing about what will be opened
and you have to create your sprites/use free to use assets,
you could also add assets from gdevelop asset library

As potato-coder has already mentioned, the sprites do not magically appear in your game folder, you have to make them or download them by yourself. For a number of good tutorials you can check here:
The tutorials also have a link where you can download the needed assets.

Anyone know of any good tutorials we newbiesss can follow along with

didnt know this one wasnt bad and not good

Hi, did you check the link I posted? There are several tutorials that help you to understand how the engine works. If you have completed one or two projects, you will be able to do things on your own.

There are also plenty of tutorials on Youtube.

VictrisGames has a great tutorial How To Make A Game with GDevelop - Basics (E01) - YouTube