does not export at Cordova

when you click on Export, nothing else happens

After clicking the “Export” is nothing more happens, simply close the window and everything.


And the other button (maybe the translation has been inverted between the two buttons, you can try with GDevelop in English to check) ?

Another button does not work, the translation is not confused.
English is also not working.
But exports to the web site all works well in both English and Russian.

Welcome to reinstall the program also did not help. Help solve the problem. Because that does not work?

I found the problem, the thing is windose and languages in the folder is listed as a user I only Russian Alexey because it does not compile, what would you need the path to the folder was entirely in English.

C:\Users\Алексей - It does not work
C: \ Users \ Alexey - so works

Windows 10
! - You can not rename a folder, even the Administrator!
Create a new profile on the computer and all the data and fill out the scenario in English letters. Then you and the user root folder creators in English rather than in their mother.
In the second profile, only we compile our project! Many things were not working. All actions and development performed in the main profile, as well as create a play, make a compilation of android from the second profile which in English.

I am writing through an interpreter, I’m sorry if you do not understand, ask again, what I can and help those. Ask, do not hesitate.

You should try with the very lastest version of GDevelop, not officialy published :

Well, thank you, check after a couple of hours and accomplish your goal of the results.

Now I check if all works well. Thank you so much.
Now even in the project using the name in their own language, and it does not cause no problems. Before that, even as he wrote above with the second profile can be compiled, but the characters of the Russian language is not potderzhivayu.
I do not want you to strain your messages, you still can not because of the translation to convey what he meant.
I write a simple:
Everything worked, no problems with the test compilation. Compile your project intelXDK he zapustilya emulator out there, everything worked.I do not compile in .apk
Thank you for your work.