Does Points work for Instances of their own

I have a tile named “Tile” i have created four points for it
Whenever its right one collides with Another instance of Same tile then i want it to change Animation ?? How can i do it??

This is what i am talking bout
Help Plz !

I think the best way is to use a custom behavior to explain to GDevelop that one of the blocks is not the other one.
Maybe a simpler option would be to have two objects, one on top of the other, and check top_block and bottom_block.

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When you create each Block_Main add some object variable like UniqueID or UIID and set to int then in your foreach compare if the UniqueID or UIID is different one from other then it should work

Can You make me implement it cause i tried and couldnt

I Didnt Understand ?,216&180,216&198,216&234,180&252,180&270,180&306,144&324,144&342,144&72,126&54,126&36,126&18,126&72,144&72,162&72,180&90,180&108,180&126,180&144,198&180,144&126,108
This is game and i want to make siimilar like this
What i want is that when i place block on left or on right of another block i want it to change animation

Are you asking me if you understood? :grin:

Your condition has two different objects with the same name, so it’s confusing, for the software.
You need to find a way to explain to GDevelop which object is which. We have offered three potential ways of doing that: one includes object variables, one includes another object hidden under the first one, and another one uses a custom behavior/function.

I’m not sure if Ulises’ way would work, but if it does, it would probably be the easiest way.

I Know little bout that variable but how could i implement it??

I appreciate Gdevelop Forum For helping :upside_down_face:

Ulises explained the variable thing above, if there’s something unclear, be more specific.

I Know bout that but i dont know how to implement it in my game ?
I have given Ids to my block but then what am i going to do??