Doesn't show more than 48 fps at 144 hertz

Hello! I think I found a bug. If you set the project settings to unlimited fps, everything is fine, but if you set the limit to 60 fps, the 144 Hz monitor will only display 48 fps. If you turn on 60 Hz, everything will be fine and will display 60 fps. At first I thought that this is a bug of the extension, and it does not show correctly, but no, as it turned out it is a bug of the engine, because there is a good feeling that at 144 Hz (and 48 fps) everything is slower than at 60 Hz (60 fps). Can you fix it? Perhaps there is something I can do? I attach the video below.

Im not 100% on this, but i remember reading something that GDevelop has a max of 60fps, and if the has some sort of issue giving you the targeted FPS, then it will default to the next one lower, in this case 48 FPS.

Considering that, i think that your asking it to do something i cant, so it tries to apply the max of 60fps, since that isnt working right, it bumps it down to 48.

Something along those lines…

No, not quite.

Electron (and browsers) force VSync to be enabled, not GDevelop itself.

For context: If your game project has a max framerate of 60 fps, and you’re playing on a 144hz monitor, Vsync will bump your fps down to the next common denominator as you can’t evenly put 60fps into 144hz. If you were on a 240hz or 120hz monitor, it’d hit 60fps fine.

Alternatively, if you have a 240hz monitor and set the fps max to 240, it’ll hit 240 fine (assuming your game performance allows for it).

Likewise, if your game performance drops under an equal refresh rate, it’ll bump down to the next denominantor (Not just down 1fps). So if you are at a max 60fps game on a 60hz monitor, and drop to 55fps, it will actually drop to about 30fps.

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That was it!

I remember reading that explanation! …yeah i was way off, guess i was remembering wrong.

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