Doing the player "bounce" after getting hurt

I want to make that, whenever the player gets hit by an enemy, he “bounces” and changes to a short stage that doesn’t allow him to take damage. I don’t know how to this, please help?
(Sorry, this is the first time i go back to use Gdevelop after some time)

What type of game? Top-down or platform? This is one way of doing it with a top-down player. This uses the flash(blink) behavior on the player.

I would normally use a timer but I think this is simple enough to use a wait instead especially since it uses a Boolean variable to make sure it only triggers once. It’s up to you whether the projectile always gets deleted on collision or if the player blinks. I like both.

A tween might look better. It could be more flexible and realistic.

Excuse me for answering too late, I’ve been very busy. The current project I’m working on is a 2D platformer. I’ve tried using the bounce extension. It does creates a collision between the player and the enemy, but it won’t “bounce”.