Don't go outside [Corona jam]


I present my game for the game jam “Corona jam” by @Gruk.
Theme was “Stay the heck at home!”

Here some images, it’s still in WIP, i try to polish the game a bit more :slight_smile:

===> PLAY <===


Yes it is an cinematic!

Sprite are from Kenney.

In the game i use Tween for cinematics.
Pathfinding for police, and player.
A system of waypoint build by me for police.
Effect CRT on whole game.
Sound are played after an interaction of an user so everyone should be able to listen the music.


The game is ready, have fun!

===> PLAY <===

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Plays really well and I enjoyed it.

I would love to know someday how you did the cutscenes, and the pathfinding is really cool.

For the custscenes i use the timers, and tweens behavior.

For pathfinding it’s very basic.

Here the map, in red you can see the zone where the plays can’t go, in green the hidding place.
The circle blue, are the waypoint for the police, in red for the cloud.


Very nice! I liked the end!

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Hey that’s a wonderful game :slight_smile: I just started using gdevelop, would it be okay for you to send the game files, I would really like to investigate if possible.