Double Click Image Crash

Whenever I double click an image in the image list on the right side of the sprite object editor (In the images bank section), GD crashes.
Also GD seems to take a really long while to open now, is there any way to make it load faster?
Thanks for your time!

It’s strange, another member reported me the same issue, but I have no crash on my computer when I double click on an image. :astonished:
Does it happen when you’re using the images bank directly from the main editor ? ( i.e when you open it by double cliking on “Images” in the project manager )
Do you think it is related to a particular game ?

Concerning the loading time, I’ve updated some “dll files” used by Game Develop, maybe it is related… I know that windows do some magic with the dlls or executables : It caches them so that when you launch again a program, it is faster to load. Maybe the update of the dll files deleted the benefit from a such cache and windows need some time to cache again the new dll.
Or maybe the updated files are slower than the older version, but it would be surprising.

Yeah, it happens from the image bank editor as well (this time it also crashed a program called Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger or something as well ).
It’s not related to any specific game because it happens to my brother and he uses a whole separate computer (his also takes a long time to load too).
We are both using windows xp and we both have bad graphics if that helps you any.

I’ve just launched GD in a Windows XP virtual machine and indeed it crashes. :slight_smile: I’m going to search where the crash comes from.

I’ve uploaded an updated version of GD: ( Use a program like 7 zip to uncompress it. You can replace the files of the current version by these new ones if you want ).
The crash should be fixed. ( The long load time is still here though ).

It works, thank you very much!