Double Jump (Wall causes DJ to continue)

So, I followed the:
((Platformer Double Jump))
example and everything seems to work except that when the player is touching a wall it acts as if the player is “on the floor” and if the jump key is held down, I can just scale a wall because it thinks I am double jumping from the “floor” when it’s actually just the wall.
The hitboxes are all squared off so it’s not as if they are snagging on each-other causing an artificial “floor” where there shouldn’t be one. I am new to GDev (and also forums) so please forgive me for breaking any rules or stupidity. TIA

It sounds like you gave the platform behavior to your wall. :thinking:
Walls shouldn’t act like floors.

I have since made the wall its own object (non-platform) which works pretty well. The only problem now is that where the wall and the floor meet (say a platform is overhead with a floor meeting it at the corner) right at the corner where the wall and floor meet is funky. If the floor sticks out too far the player snags on it or hits their head on it, if the wall sticks out (instead of the floor) and the player lands on it, the camera starts to track down, and the player “pops” off of that section after about 1-3 seconds. Not the end of the world so I can live with it until I discover a better solution. Thanks for the info.